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DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, June 21, 2012

Each Thursday We Let A Nats Fan Sound Off, Because Quite Frankly, The Fans Know More Than We Do
This Week's Entry Was Written By Nats/Caps Fan @SentientCheese

I haven't made it to a single game at Nats Park...

That isn't to say I haven't been following the team.  They just happen to play many games during a critical time in my routine: While I'm driving.  And that driving has given me an appreciation for a medium that is often overlooked in the modern era of HD TVs and online game coverage; radio.

Sure I could listen to music, or news; but it's the games, with Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler that really help the time go by.  And with the performances the Nats put up each night, what better way to rock out on my ride home.

I may be in the minority, but I actually enjoy listening to a variety of DC Sports on the radio.  I've listened to the dulcet tones of Dave Johnson (Wizards), the frenzied calls of John Walton (Capitals), and of course the off-topic insane banter of Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff; with Larry trying to keep them on task (Skins).

But baseball and its pace were made for radio. Have you ever listened to Johnson or Walton trying to describe a play for the Wiz or Caps? I'm pretty sure that if we could harness the words per second emanating from their mouths, we could solve the energy crisis today. Half the time the play is over before they can finish describing it, forcing them to scream their heads off.

Football is a little better, as there's a break every 30 seconds during which each play can be dissected.  But trying to imagine where each player is on the field is impossible.

Baseball is different. Baseball is a friend of radio.  Each pitch can be discussed as soon as it hits the catcher's mitt.  The options that are in play can be easily described during the slow pace of the game.  The players, are in somewhat fixed positions.  Easy Listening.  Easy Imagining.

In baseball there is even time to hear how much popcorn is being spilled all over the broadcasters’ booth. Sometimes the game actually gets in the way of the far more interesting interaction between Jageler and Slowes. Who cares that Zimmerman could have had an unassisted triple play, I want to know more about the how the hotdog Charlie just ate looked like a deformed Chihuahua!

I'm going to go to a game soon.  As a Nats fan it is something that I have to do.  It is something that I want to do.  And while I'm watching some fantastic baseball and drinking legally in public my gaze will raise up towards the broadcast booth.  I will stare and wonder what kind of shenanigans are going on up there.

And I just might know exactly what is going down.  Because I just might have my radio...

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