At the Ballpark: Citi Field

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, June 23, 2012

Citi Field
Orioles vs Mets
June 18th

You may or may not have notice my absence from the blog last week.  Well that was because I was in the magical world of New Jersey.  I saw a Snooki and I lost money in Trump's Casino.  I also made it into NYC to catch a game at the Mets stadium when they faced the O's...

That place is HUGE.
Citi Field is not a ballpark.  No way.  Its a stadium.  The place seemed like a football stadium and a ballpark had a baby.  Maybe I'm biased by having Nationals Park and Camden Yards in my backyard, but I perfer smaller parks.  Guess they gotta fit all those New Yorkers in there.

Elevators...Elevators Everywhere! 
Sure there were a handful of escalators and walking ramps, but I never used them.  Every time I had to go up or down a level I got on one of the many elevators and told the attendant where I wanted to go.  Yup they have attendants in each elevator and they don't even have TVs or radios to follow the game.  Worst ballpark job ever.

That New York Charm.
All in all, I found Citi Field to be a pretty cool place to catch a ballgame.  There really isn't a bad seat in the park and there are several jumbo-trons and flat screen TVs on the concourses.  The park also has a big red apple that rises out of center field when the Mets hit a homerun.  I got to see it when they hit a grand slam (boo!).

Citi Field has one.  I went once in DC and apparently people also really like it in NYC.  I can't vouch for the one in Citi Field however because the line was never less than a billion people.  If I had tried to wait in the line I would have missed the whole game because it was a quick one.  That's because...  

R.A. Dickey is Ridiculous!
He mowed down the O's hitters one after another.  As a Nat's fan I've been so focused on guys like Strasburg and Gio this season that I haven't really paid attention to what guys like Dickey are doing.  He is a beast and if Strasburg doesn't get the nod as the NL Allstar starter I won't have a problem as long as it's Dickey.

Of course the fact that this was his batting song definitely helped him in my book... 

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